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Secret Weapon To Getting Organized...and Staying That Way

2.5 hour interactive workshop with a Major Mom Liberator for you and seven of your friends. You will discover the four ways disorganization and clutter negatively impact your life in terms of money, time, safety and health. We will teach you the common obstacles to decluttering and organizing. You will also learn the "Secret Weapon" to getting organized and staying that way. You will be inspired and motivated to tackle that organizing project you may have been putting off.

We have changed the lives of each of our workshop attendees. We create a judgement-free environment so you can share and ask questions about specific organizing challenges you may be facing. 

The hostess will receive TWO FREE HOURS OF ORGANIZING with a Major Mom Liberator. This includes an evaluation of your needs and goals, a space plan and an action plan. Hostess also receives FREE admission to the workshop if he or she provides light refreshments for guests.


TIME: You choose the best time to host.

LOCATION: Your home OR a location you can secure.

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Enjoy the ride in your organized, family-friendly car

Are you tired of being stressed out every time you get in your vehicle? Are your frustrations growing because you always seem to be driving or riding in a messy or cluttered vehicle? Have you found yourself in a situation where you need a simple item now, but you just don’t have it with you, or can’t remember where you put it? If your family is like mine - young, active and always going somewhere – a disorganized vehicle can easily become an unnecessary challenge and source of repetitious confusion, especially if your vehicle is also the family vehicle. It goes to and from work, school, shopping, fitness classes, kid’s activities, sporting events, road trips, camping excursions, vacations, etc. On average, Americans spend about two-and-a-half hours each day in the car. That’s over 10% of our life. We spend a lot of time in our vehicles, and the family vehicles especially take a beating. So it’s important they stay organized, clutter-free and clean. An organized vehicle, just like an organized home, office, and/or life, will save you time, energy and money.

After you take this workshop, you will no longer waste time searching high and low for that item you haven’t used in days, but need now. No longer will you feel the frustrations of an impatient spouse, friend or child, as you search tirelessly for the item you know you’ve packed, but just can’t remember where? No longer will you spend money on stuff you’ve already purchased, but can’t seem to find. No longer will sibling squabbles erupt over miniscule matters (Okay, maybe I should say less likely on this one rather than No longer). Major Mom’s proven strategies, check-lists, plans and experiences will help you eliminate these challenges, costs, frustrations and delays. Thus, allowing you to focus your attention on the needs, wishes and enjoyment of your family and yourself. Not to mention, DRIVING.

TIME: Schedule a time that works for you.


LOCATION: Your home or a location you can secure.

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