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Clearing Out Your Closet


Did you know that the average American wears 20% of their clothes 80% of the time? Our closets are full of items that we do not wear, need, that do not fit, or in some cases we don't even know we have! All that money spent on clothes we don't wear could have been spent on something we do need and will use!

When you begin a closet project you must first decide what function(s) it will serve? Sounds silly, but will it serve a purpose for other than just clothing? Remove anything from the closet that does not fit the new vision.

Once are clear about the vision and purpose of your closet you need to create a plan! Set a time a definite time to work the plan.  Only do one closet at a time! If you go back and forth between closets you will not achieve your goal of having your priority project finished. You will just have several started projects!

To begin your closet clearing remember step one is to sort. Sort clothing into categories such as pants, jeans, short-sleeved shirts, sweaters, etc. After you have your general sort done you can do a more detailed sort using size. If you wear a size 6 and you are still keeping all your size 2's it will be eye opening to see how much you are keeping that you do not wear!  

After everything is sorted you will go through each pile and find your treasures! We all have those favorite items in our wardrobe that we cannot live without! Be honest with yourself during this process. Clothing is hard to let go of. We are consistently telling ourselves that we are saving certain items for when we lose 10 pounds. Remember that someone needs it right now and could use it today! Also, you deserve some new clothes when you get down to your ideal size.  You don't need to hang on to oudated items that won't make you feel beautiful. 

Next you need to decide what your zones are going to be. If you have a smaller closet that cannot handle all of your clothing you can use bins or garment hangers to change out seasonal clothing. 

There is not one best way to organize a closet. You can color coordinate, use sleeve length, seasons, etc.  What is most important is that you make it easy to find what you need when you need it.

When you have decided how you will organize and categorize your clothe you can put them away!  

Finally support new habits by keeping 10% of your closet free for growth! Also use the in/out rule. If you purchase a new pair of jeans then let go of an old ripped up pair.

Fun Fact

"Women with shoe racks were seven times more likely to be on time for work than women without shoe racks."
IKEA Survey 2001

Organization IN-Sight

When you begin an organizing project have an accountability team! Tell those in your life that can support you what your are doing, why, and what you hope to accomplish!

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