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Home Organization Tips: Your Jumpstart to Getting On Track

Pack "Treasures," Not "Stuff"

Moving is one of the most exciting, yet challenging, times in a person’s life. It signifies change and new opportunity. And yet, most of us approach moving with dread. We look around our crowded rooms, peer into the abysses of our closets, and think “How will I ever move it all?”

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Relocation: A Moving Experience

No doubt the place you leave and the place you are going will not be exactly the same. This means that you will need to put some careful thought into the moving process. You may not feel as though you have the time to spare, but relocating in a chaotic way can negatively impact you and your family in four major ways.

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Are You Up For Downsizing?

Having to downsize is never easy, as it usually comes with the stress of a life transition such as changing careers, kids moving on, or elderly parents needing to be relocated. Learning to let go of non-essentials can be challenging, so we've prepared a few tips to help you with the process. Although downsizing can be a challenge, it can also be amazing to experience life without all those things you thought you couldn't "live without."

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