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Home Organization Tips: Your Jumpstart to Getting On Track

Organize to Lose Weight

There are many roadblocks when attempting to lose weight. Most roadblocks we’re aware of like eating healthy and exercising. Some we may not realize are a roadblock, like disorganization. It can be near impossible to lose weight when you are disorganized. Having an organized weight loss plan can be achieved using the Major Mom Method. Although the method was developed for use in organizing your home it can also be applied to organizing the weight loss process!

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Mealtime Tips

Another busy Wednesday evening is ahead and it's already 5:15pm. Jack needs to leave for soccer practice by 6:30, and Missy needs dropped off at gymnastics at 7:00. You just got home, dad is on his way and everyone is STARVING! Time is short, demands are high. Pizza is an easy option, but you had that two times in the last week. Besides, you prefer to provide healthier options for your family.

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