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Home Organization Tips: Your Jumpstart to Getting On Track

What Was Old Is New Again

What do you do with all the stuff that is too good to throw out or you would like to find a worthy cause to give them to? Many Major Mom clients express that they want to give their items away to someone who will USE IT. Some just don't want the items to end up in a landfill, and some items like oil and batteries can't be sent to a landfill.

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Is your desktop organized?

It may not seem like a big deal, but think about how much time is wasted just looking for files, or having to recreate files that were accidentally deleted because you did not have a process in place for sorting and deleting old, unnecessary files.

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Cords got you all tied in knots?

Don’t want to spend the money to straighten up the mess? No need, you can reuse everyday items such as empty toilet paper rolls, binder clips and even bread bag ties to help get that mess of cables organized and looking good.

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