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Home Organization Tips: Your Jumpstart to Getting On Track

The Glue: Making Your Organizing Stick

You have applied the Major Mom Method. You have pictured it, planned it and completed each of the STEPS– Sorted, Treasured, Established Homes, Planned Containers and Started New Habits. There is a place for everything and at last, everything is in its place. It feels great, but you can’t help wonder, how long will this last? Maybe you have done this all before and are frustrated by having your efforts come “undone.” There is some glue you should add to those new habits that will help your organized picture to stay together.

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Mealtime Tips

Another busy Wednesday evening is ahead and it's already 5:15pm. Jack needs to leave for soccer practice by 6:30, and Missy needs dropped off at gymnastics at 7:00. You just got home, dad is on his way and everyone is STARVING! Time is short, demands are high. Pizza is an easy option, but you had that two times in the last week. Besides, you prefer to provide healthier options for your family.

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Combat Kitchen Clutter!

Cooking and baking in your kitchen brings warmth into the heart of your home; but what if your kitchen is a stressful place to be? Often, this is the dumping ground for mail, bills, work, and miscellaneous items. Along with this chaos, there may not be proper systems in place to make cooking and baking enjoyable. So, how do you make one of the most important rooms in your house a peaceful place for your family and friends to gather?

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