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Conquer Those Cards!


"How do you keep up with sending out birthday or other special occasion cards?" A busy mom showed us her card binder with family and friends' birthdays written down by month. The binder held cards that were supposed to be sent years ago! She laughed when she came across a birthday card for her husband's brother, only because she couldn't believe she kept forgetting to send it each year. She exclaimed, "It shouldn't be so hard to remember his birthday considering they're twins!"

We are living in a digital age of e-mails, online cards, and quick messages on social networking sites. However, everyone loves receiving a hand-written card from a loved one, especially since they are becoming less common! Try these simple steps to get on top of sending out cards.

1.    TAKE INVENTORY OF WHAT YOU HAVE: Collect all  the cards throughout your home and organize them by type - (i.e. birthday, thank you, sympathy, get well, baby, wedding/anniversary, congratulations, blank).

2.    MAKE A LIST OF DATES TO REMEMBER: List your family and friends' birthdays and other important occasions by month. If you are missing any dates, check your Facebook account for birthday lists, shoot out an email, or pick up the phone and gather them up!

3.    STOCK UP:  Save yourself constant trips to the card store, gas, and time by purchasing cards  and postage a few months (or even a year) in advance. Stores like Hallmark, Target and Costco have great box sets of cards with all categories. Bring your list of dates to the store if you have specific cards you want to purchase.

4.    SET UP A CARD-SENDING CENTER: Find a container or drawer for all the cards, the date list, stamps, pens, your address book, and return address labels.  This is also a great spot for gift cards if you plan on sending these out to some of your recipients.

5.    PICK A DAY: Put a date in your planner once a month (such as the 23rd of each month). On this date, fill out the cards and envelopes for the next month.  Don't stamp it yet - use that area to write the date of the event and put them with your outgoing mail.

6.    SEND THE CARDS: Once a week, check your outgoing mail for cards to send out based on the date (usually a week ahead of the event is a good timeframe). Affix stamps and send them on their way!

Products & Services to Know About 

This greeting card organizer, found at the Container Store, has 12 tabs to sort greeting cards by month or by occasion. Create your own greeting card box from supplies you already have at home.

Organization IN-Sight

What do you do with all the greeting cards you receive? This is different for each of us! Some read them once then recycle them. Others feel guilty for throwing away birthday postcards they receive from their dentist.


TIME TO ENJOY: Give yourself enough time to enjoy the cards. Hold or display them for a day, a week, or a month before making decisions.

TRUE TREASURES: Determine which cards are true treasures. Do they evoke a special memory or sentiment?

TROUBLE LETTING GO?: Do you remember the birthday card you gave your sister last year? Or the anniversary card you sent your parents 3 years ago? In most cases, you don't. You do not need to feel guilty for recycling an item that was given to you by a loved one. The idea of sending the card was to express thought and love. Tossing the card does not eliminate that thought.

SIZE IT UP: Determine how much space you want to allocate for greeting card memorabilia. Perhaps it is the size of a box, a binder, or a bin.

GET CREATIVE: Make a collage, scrapbook, or special piece of art with all the favorite messages from cards you've received.