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De-Clutter Your Empty Nest


If your youngest child has left for college, chances are you may be feeling uncertain about the future. This is the only time that being “fired” from your job means you did a great job.

I have a friend who recently became an “empty nester.” As the days to her youngest child’s graduation approached, she found herself frantically purging everything in her home. Her family looked at her as if she had gone crazy as load after load of their “stuff” was piled up on the sidewalk waiting for the donation truck to arrive.

It could be said that just as a new mother has the urge to nest, a retiring mother has the urge to de-clutter the nest. The important thing to consider, however, is that frantically purging is most often a response triggered by stress.

I strongly suggest that you take your time in purging your empty nest. In my friend’s haste, she accidentally donated a diamond bracelet that she had tucked away in some old boots!

Instead, try to go through the rooms one at a time and carefully decide what you can let go of and what should stay. If you are unsure, hire a Professional Organizer to assist you. Not only can they help you with de-cluttering your home, but they can also recognize when it is stress-driven purging. They will help you make the right decisions so there are no regrets afterward.

There are many resources available regarding the subject of “Empty Nesters.” If you are in need of support or advice check out or contact for any Professional Organization needs.

FUN FACT: According to a survey by, 36% of Baby Boomers will more or plan to move when they become “empty nesters.”