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Disorder Is A Breach of Peace!


Living in disorganization and chaos negatively affects our lives in terms of money, time, health and safety.

We all experience situational disorganization due to life transitions such as a relocation, a new baby, an adult child moving back home, marriage or divorce. However, if you are living in a state of chaos for a prolonged period of time, your environment will take a toll on your emotions.

Disorder is defined as a breach of peace. A disorderly environment isn't a place where you can find peace; in fact, it is important to be aware of negative emotions commonly caused by disorderly environments.

Basement Before 

Basement Before

Basement After

Basement After

What feelings do you have when your home, office, or car is in a  cluttered and disorganized state?

Have you ever said something like this?
"I don't know where to start or how to start. It's too overwhelming."
"I feel like I just can't get control of these piles."

When you get to the point of overwhelm, you are no longer in control of your things, your things are now in control of you. When you're spending time searching for things or paying bills late, you may feel hopeless. One solution is to create a plan, break the project into small steps, and focus on completing one step at a time.

Shame or Guilt:
How organized do you need to be? A family member or friends expectations of your level of organization may not be fulfilled successfully because of your lack of time, skill or energy, or other life events. Have an open discussion to explore the reality of these expectations and any limitations you may have. Perhaps you can come up with a compromise, or you may agree to hire help to get you back on track.

"I limit company to certain rooms of my home. I'd be too embarrassed if they saw the other areas."
"I haven't invited anyone into my home for years."

Homes are spaces to be enjoyed and shared. We are designed to be part of a community, and when you are too embarrassed by your home to have friends or family over, consider the importance you are putting on your stuff over your relationships.

Anger, tension:
Being told what to do or how to change the mess builds a wall of tension that may explode in anger and resentment. People have varying degrees of attachment to things and different tolerance levels to clutter. A lack of clear and caring communication, understanding, and patience in addition to real or perceived inaction and blame makes arguments about stuff turn into arguments about people and their behaviors. If this is you, think about having a trusted friend or a professional organizer help. It is important to have someone who is non-judgmental and supportive to help keep you focused and on track.

As clutter fills the space in your home, it often pushes out the people. As you gather stuff, those around you may be filling with resentment or pain because they feel you are insensitive to their needs and desires.

If you surround yourself with things, there may be a chance you are hiding from someone or something. Surrounding yourself with items may also be a sign that you are trying to fill a void from something you have lost or lack in your life. Talk with a therapist who can help you uncover and deal with the real issues.

Your outer environment directly affects your joy and ability to do life. Make a decision to change your physical space and you will experience the miraculous change happen within yourself as well. Decide that 2011 is the year you will bring peace and serenity to your home and your life. All it takes is a little order and some systems.

Organization IN-Sight

How long has it taken your office, your basement, or your home to become cluttered and filled with stuff? The answer may be several weeks, months, or even years! Over time we accumulate more than we can possibly need or use. Unused items become "clutter."

It is unrealistic to think that you can organize your home in one afternoon if you haven't dealt with your things for several weeks, months or years.

Large organizing projects are like diets (eek, not that word!). You need to do an honest assessment of what the root causes are, what you need to learn or do differently to improve, and how you can maintain. Being organized can become a lifestyle, like being healthy.

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