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Holidays are not about the stuff


The average child gets about 70 toys a year.

Surprised? It's not just children who are dealing with incoming things. Many adults feel that they are suffering from "possession overload," the problem of dealing with too much stuff--where they feel their life is taken up by maintaining and caring for things instead of people. Do you feel that way, too? (stats from Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic)

The majority of people say they'd like less emphasis on holiday spending and gift giving. Read below for ideas on how to make this Christmas different!


We have a confession to make. This year, as the Major Mom Liberators helped our clients de-clutter and organize, we hauled countless carloads of items from our client's homes to donation drop off centers and non-profits. Do you know what was donated? Among many things, there were several items that our clients received as gifts that they NEVER USED! We told them it was okay to let them go. How many items do you have in your home right now that you're holding on to because you received it as a gift, yet you don't need or really even want it?

One of the first steps to getting organized is to Stop The Incoming!

So, how do you give a special gift when you don't really know what someone would want?

  1. Ask. 
    "But then they'll already know what they're getting!"
    Would you rather receive something that you would love and use or receive a "surprise" that isn't anything you're interested in or needing. Personalize the gift with a special note, an accessory, or a unique wrapping method.
  2. Give consumables.
    Fresh flowers. Fresh Fruit.
    Homemade goodies (include the recipe!).
    "Gifts in a Jar": cookies, breads, soups.
    Wine. Hot chocolate. Coffee. Tea.
    Stationery & Stamps. Art & craft supplies.
    Quality soaps & lotions.
    Box of frozen steaks.
    Potted fresh herbs. Bulbs. Plants. Veggie seeds.
  3. Give experiences.
    Tickets: Athletic event, Concert, Movies, Symphony, Miniature Golf.
    Memberships: Zoo, Garden Club, Amusement Park, Museum, National Park Pass, Netflix.
    Classes: Cooking, Fitness, Art, Foreign Language
    Camps/Lessons: Sports, Gymnastics, Piano Lessons.
    Time: Coupons for cleaning, massages, babysitting, lunch date, breakfast in bed, help with household projects.
  4. Give donations in honor of the recipient.
    Charity.  Animal shelter. Church. Missionary.
  5. Give gift cards or gift certificates.
    Car washes. Car detailing. Fuel gift cards.
     Restaurants. Grocery stores.
    Massages. Spa treatments.

Organization IN-Sight

DO YOUR HOLIDAY DECORATIONS NEED DOWNSIZED? Consider donating or passing on your unused decorations to someone else who could use them. Give yourself the gift of more space!

IS YOUR TO-DO LIST OVERWHELMING? Ask your family which traditions are special to them and consider dropping some of the other things on your to-do list. Give yourself the gift of simplifying!

IS HOLIDAY MEAL PLANNING STRESING YOU OUT? Go potluck style! Ask each guest to bring one part of the meal. If you taking the reigns and doing all the work, plan your menu and see which items can be done ahead of time to avoid stressful last minute preparation. Give yourself the gift of peace!

Products & Services to Know About 

Major Mom offers Service Packages to help you or your loved ones de-clutter and organize! Visit for details. Call us today!

Fun Fact

Happiness does not come through stuff, but through experiences, relationships with friends and family, and service to others. What are you going to do this season to create lasting and meaningful memories?