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How To Train Your Liberator


Did you know that only 10% of people are born with the organizing “gene?” 

The Liberators of Major Organizers were not only blessed with the gift of organizing at birth, they are also passionate about helping others conquer clutter, chaos and disorganization. But how do you turn genetics and passion into an organizing career?

To become a Liberator with Major Organizers, an applicant first goes through a multi-step hiring process, including a background check, in-home interview, competency and culture fit exams and personality testing.

Each Liberator also attends the Major Mom Academy, which includes 36 hours of classroom training and 48 hours hands-on experience. Upon graduation, each ​Liberator​ undergoes a 3-6 month apprenticeship working under the guidance of more experienced organizers before heading out on solo jobs.

Post-apprenticeship, promotions are based on a number of factors, including hands-on organizing hours, sales numbers, marketing hours, professional development and client and team reviews. Not only does an earned promotion advance a Liberator's career within Major Organizers, it advances their knowledge and expertise within the Professional Organizer industy. A Liberator completing 1,500 organizing hours may also elect to take the Certified Professional Organizer’s test, administered by the National Association of Professional Organizers. At this time, 4 Liberators with Major Organizers have achieved this certification.

Liberators with Major Organizers are dedicated to  learning and continually honing the skills they need to help clients get -and stay- organized.They do this through monthly in-person training meetings as a team. At these meetings they learn about new products in the organization market, tour facilities, such as trash/recycling centers, to better understand the resources used with clients and discuss tips learned and concerns encountered on jobs.

Major Organizers is proud of our team!