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Is your desktop organized?


Is your desktop organized? Regularly reviewing your computer files, then deleting the ones you no longer need,  is the key to staying electronically organized.

It may not seem like a big deal, but think about how much time is wasted just looking for files, or having to recreate files that were accidentally deleted because you did not have a process in place for sorting and deleting old, unnecessary files.

The key is consistency. Having a simple and repeatable process to sort though and delete files will save you time, effort, energy and reduce stress.

Use these ideas to junk old files fast:

  • Sort by date – go through your oldest files first
  • Free up space – sort by file size and review the largest files first
  • Break it down – look over a few folders each day

Not sure what to keep and what to trash? Ask yourself:

  • Do I need this document for legal or tax reasons?
  • Will I ever have to create a document similar to this one again?
  • Is this the final or most recent version of this document? Is there a reason to save older versions at this point?

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