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Life Transitions: Preparing for Baby


When most people hear the phrase "preparing for baby," they think of getting the nursery ready. While this is certainly a priority, there are other things to consider before you jump in head first.

Don't Go Overboard - Nesting mothers often have enormous amounts of energy and get into organizing mode; nature has given us this gift for a purpose. Use at least the first month after you find out you are pregnant to brainstorm and plan before you begin new projects.

Develop a Clear Vision - Start by picturing what you want the house to look like when the baby gets here. Which room or section of a room are you going to convert to the nursery? Are you going to breastfeed or bottle feed, and where do you want that activity to take place? is full of articles to get you started.

Picture Your New Role As a Mom - Are you involved in too many activities, and which ones bring you so much joy that you would never give up? Are you going to go back to work right away, or can your family afford to live off one income? Do you want to be a stay-at-home mom, and what does that mean to you and your family?

Set a Budget - Get your financial house in order before you start buying unnecessary baby "stuff." With proper planning and a little organization, you can minimize the financial impact that having a baby puts on your wallet. Consider speaking with a financial planner or do some research on setting a budget. Remember that you do not have to purchase everything new! Check out garage sales,,, or consignment stores for free and less expensive items. Don't forget to ask your friends for gently used baby items!

Set Weekly Goals - You will need concrete goals to accomplish and look forward to each week so you aren't stressed or overwhelmed. Focus on one room at a time starting with the nursery. What items do you need in your nursing zone? Diapering zone? Bathing zone? Feeding zone? Donate unneeded items, sell them on or hold a yard sale.

Get an Outside Perspective - Experienced mothers love offering advice and insight, so don't miss out on these opportunities even if they are a little annoying at times. Have a secret "To Do" list ready for when they ask how you are doing and if you need help. Things like baby proofing, picking out a daycare, or cooking some meals to freeze are great places to start. However, you don't have to wait until someone offers to help; don't be afraid to ask.

Most importantly, enjoy every minute of free time that you have to yourself before the baby arrives!

Fun Fact 

Consider this little tidbit before rushing out to buy all new baby gear: The US government reports that the average cost of raising a child is somewhere between $500,000 and $600,000!

Organization IN-Sight 

Summer is the season of marriage and another Life Transition. Before tying the knot, take some time to plan the task of merging two households into one.

Some factors to consider include the size of your new home, which rooms are for what purpose, and the amount of furniture you already own collectively.  

Donate unnecessary furniture and let go of old college textbooks. Really focus on what your new life together means. Get rid of the past clutter and get ready for new challenges!

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