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Major Roadblocks to Getting Organized


Betty Sue was overwhelmed.
She had too much stuff - it's true!
Her home was bursting from its seams
and while standing in the foyer she could no longer stand the view.
With a very busy schedule and way too much to do,
She took a week off work, yet didn't have a clue.
On Monday, having no skill set or knowledge of how to organize her spaces
she spent her entire budget on trendy stuff but still had junk-stuffed places.
On Tuesday, family and friends tried to help, but much to her dismay...
Her home was still cluttered when they left, and she had wasted another day.
On Wednesday, procrastination caused the piles to double and to triple.
Moving items from one place to another barely made a ripple.
On Thursday, she was paralyzed by perfection; she wanted her home just right.
But not knowing where to start, kept her up all night.
On Friday, she vowed to donate her stuff to charities and the needy
But she was unable to let go of her stuff and instead became very greedy.
On Saturday, she asked for help and contacted the Major Mom Troops.
She realized she lacked the Organizing Gene and preferred to work in groups.
On Sunday, she looked around and squealed a huge, "hooray!!"

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: ...a time to keep and a time to throw away."