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No More Clutter Gift List


The average child gets about 70 toys a year.

Surprised? It's not just children who are dealing with "possession overload." If you regularly find yourself giving more of your time to cleaning and caring for your house than spending time with the people in your house, it's time to approach this holiday season differently!

The majority of people say they'd like less emphasis on holiday spending and gift giving. Take the stress out of your holiday shopping with the No More Clutter Gift List below and make this Christmas different for you and your family!

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One of the services Major Mom provides to clients is hauling and dropping off donations. This year we helped clear basements, kitchens, bedrooms, garages and closets of unneeded and unwanted items (sometimes brand new!). So many times we heard, "I received this as a gift from {fill in the blank}, but I've never used it."

Okay, stop right there! Someone is giving away a gift they didn't want and you spent money giving something they didn't want. That doesn't seem to make much sense does it?! 

One of the first steps to getting organized is to Stop The Incoming!

So, how do you give a special gift when you don't really know what someone would want?

1. Ask.

"But then they'll already know what they're getting!" Would you rather receive something that you would love and use or receive a "surprise" that isn't anything you're interested in or needing. Personalize the gift with a special note, an accessory, or a unique wrapping method.  

2. Give consumables.

Fresh flowers. Fresh Fruit. Homemade goodies (include the recipe!). "Gifts in a Jar": cookies, breads, soups. Wine. Hot chocolate. Coffee. Tea. Stationery & Stamps. Art & craft supplies. Quality soaps & lotions. Box of frozen steaks. Potted fresh herbs. Bulbs. Plants. Veggie seeds.  

3. Give experiences.

Tickets: Athletic event, Concert, Movies, Symphony, Miniature Golf.  
Memberships: Zoo, Garden Club, Amusement Park, Museum, National Park Pass, Netflix.
Classes: Cooking, Fitness, Art, Foreign Language.
Camps/Lessons: Sports, Gymnastics, Piano Lessons.
Time: Coupons for cleaning, massages, babysitting, lunch date, breakfast in bed, help with household projects.  
Do something together: volunteer, build something together, create a craft.

4.    Give donations in honor of the recipient.

Charity.  Animal shelter. Church. Missionary.

5.    Give gift cards or gift certificates.

Car washes. Car detailing. Fuel gift cards.
iTunes. Restaurants. Grocery stores. Garden/nursery. Massages. Spa treatments.

6.    Make it personal.

Write a personal letter on beautiful stationary expressing how important or special that person is to you. Pass on a treasured family heirloom to the next generation. Frame a meaningful photo.