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When trying to organize your home it is common to justify bringing in even more stuff by way of organization supplies.The intention with these items is always to become more organized, but often these supplies are purchased with little thought to how we actually plan to use them. Oftentimes we find that the supplies' intended purposes do not work the way we expected them to. We try to force ourselves to use the product but eventually give up. The products begin to gather dust along with the items we failed to organize. This is a waste of money and of precious space.

One solution to this problem is repurposing the items you already own or even using things you would consider discarding. Repurposing saves you money and lets you reuse the items that are already sitting around your house taking up space.

Getting organized doesn't have to be expensive. Try a few of these ideas:

Baby food jars can be used to store everything from buttons to screws. They can be used for small items in the garage or even in the pantry to store spices.


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When you purchase new sheets, blankets, tablecloths or anything that comes in a plastic zippered bag, hold on to the bag. It can be used to organize the sheet sets in your linen closet and for dust-free storage of your off-season  clothing. 

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Check boxes can be used to organize essentials in your desk drawers. Organize pens and pencils, scissors, batteries, cords and other small desk items.

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Empty egg cartons can store very small items in a drawer such as paper clips, hair ties, beads and earrings--even tools!

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Magnetic knife strips are great for keeping keys and notes by the entryway.

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Use old kitchen glasses to store toothbrushes, q-tips, combs, make-up brushes and other items in the bathroom.

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When you open your mind to organizing your home with Repurpose you will be amazed at the solutions you can create!