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Organize Your Road Trip


We are now well into summer and many families are planning summer road trips. They are a great way to save a little money while spending quality time with your family.  However, if you’ve failed to organize it properly you may find you’re the time a little less than enjoyable. Here are some tips on keeping your family road trip a happy and safe one.

Prep before you go:

Car maintenance – The number one item on your to-do list is to get the car ready. Not only does it make for a more comfortable trip, it ensures your family with reach their destination safely and on time. Schedule an oil change, vehicle inspection and tire rotation. Wash the car inside and out, vacuum and clean the windows.

Laundry - Save plenty of time to launder the clothing you want to have available for the trip. It can be stressful to realize you’ve got three loads of laundry to do the night before you leave.         

Planned gas stops - You can save money by preplanning your fill ups with a gas price tracking app such as Gas Buddy.

Boredom busters – Plan a trip to the library before you leave and load up on books, books on tape and other resources.

Itinerary - For an enjoyable vacation, have a rough plan of where you’d like to visit. It doesn’t have to be rigid, but a general idea helps prevent wasting valuable vacation time trying to track down your next destination.

What will you eat?

Pre-pack lunches – If you plan to save a little money by packing lunches, make sure you spend some time before the trip researching meals that travel well. There are great ideas on what to pack and how to pack in on Pinterest.

Stop on the road – Keep in mind that there are few options when you’re travelling. You will likely have to settle for fast food unless you’re willing to cut into your travel time by stopping at sit-down restaurants.

Snacks – When you’re bored on the road it can be easy to fill your time with snacks. Make sure you have healthy options available to avoid mindless munching.

Keeping the kids busy:

Keep a stash of goodies in the front – No matter how much you pack in the back seat kids will eventually end up bored. It can be helpful to spend a few bucks at the dollar store to keep a stash of boredom busters up front.

Create a command center for each child – It can be frustrating, not to mention dangerous, to have kids constantly making requests from the backseat. Ensure they are able to control their own environment by providing all the items they may require during the drive. These items might include:

  • Trash receptacle
  • Handi-wipes
  • Blankets
  • Toys, puzzles, games, books
  • Video games, headphones
  • Drinks and snacks


Packing the car:


What will you need to access - Can you reach everything you need without having to pull over or unbuckle? Consider:

  • Drinks & snacks
  • Medicines
  • Maps
  • Itinerary


Sometimes we have a quick overnight on the way to our destination. It can be a real pain to pull out your entire suitcase for one night. Consider packing a separate smaller bag for quick stops that can sit right on top of the rest of the luggage.