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Organizing Tips for Baby


Babies are precious little bundles that we are so eager to welcome into our lives and our homes. Oh, but little babies also come with loads of gear—furniture, toys, and gadgets galore! How do you keep from getting overwhelmed by all the stuff?

These days, there is an abundance of adorable, fashionable paraphernalia you can purchase in your quest to getting your home organized for a new baby. Before you rush out to get the latest organizational trend, keep in mind that many baby items seem like a good idea but go unused. Start by setting a budget and developing a clear vision to determine what is right for you.

Here are a few pointers:

  1. Plan out and create zones in the Baby Room. Space plan so items that support a particular function (i.e. sleeping, feeding, reading, and playing) are located in the same area of the room.
  2. Utilize easily accessible storage solutions. You’ll usually have at least one of your arms full, so choose storage that allows you to grab things quickly. Sort toys in small portable bins with picture and word labels. An over-the-door organizer with labeled clear pockets allows you to store and organize baby accessories so they are all visible at one time.
  3. Separate clothing into bins labeled by clothing size. You’ll receive baby clothing sized for the first year and beyond. When you get items that are currently too large place them in the appropriate bins. Once your child has outgrown clothing, move them to the proper bins for future children or for donating or yard sales.
  4. Think mobility & simplicity. Look beyond appearance and consider the functionality of diaper bags and strollers. Bags with compartments for food, diapers & wipes, toys, clean clothes, blankets, and burp cloths will help you find items quickly. Store an extra bag or small bin of extra essentials in the car. Do you live in a multi-level home? Designate a changing area on the main level to save yourself countless trips up and down the stairs each day.
  5. Begin a baby keepsake box for special items.
  6. Prepare a file or binder for baby to store important documents like the birth certificate and medical records.