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Relocation: A Moving Experience


There are only 2 life events more stressful than moving: death of a loved one and divorce.  (Employee Relocation Counsel)

 So, how do you feel about moving? 

Does the prospect of relocation bring happy thoughts of a fresh start, new adventures and possibilities? Or does it leave you anxious and apprehensive about the many decisions that lie ahead?  

No doubt the place you leave and the place you are going will not be exactly the same.  This means that you will need to put some careful thought into the moving process. You may not feel as though you have the time to spare, but relocating in a chaotic way can negatively impact you and your family in four major ways. 

  • It can cost you. 

If your home is cluttered and just plain “full”, you may need to purchase of off-site storage while showing your home.

It’s a fact. Organized, uncluttered homes sell faster and for more money. 

Know you have it but just can’t find it? Duplicate purchases can become an additional expense during the moving process.

Nothing is moved for free. The more stuff you plan to take, the more you will pay whether you need it or not.

  • It can waste your time. 

Packing, organizing, and moving your stuff takes time.  More stuff, more time.  Also looking for stuff, worrying about the stuff, relocating and cleaning the stuff takes up valuable time that could be spent enjoying your new adventure and fellow adventurers. 

  • It can affect your Health. 

Stress created by last minute showings and keeping the house in a perfect “staged” look can deplete your energy and relationships with household members. 

Physical health hazards associated with inhalation of dust, germs, mildew and mold can be stirred up when preparing for a move. 

  • It can compromise your Safety. 

The ever present danger of in home accidents like tripping and falling increases in the chaos and disorganization of moving. 


Whether you are using a moving company or going it on your own, use the proven Major Mom Method to lessen the negative effects of a disorganized move. 

Picture your move. How do you want it to go?

Plan your move. Even if you have hired a company to help, make a plan to ensure that your picture can be reality.

Proceed with STEPS:

Sort: like with like

Treasure: what counts

Establish homes: boxes, bags, as is

Plan a container strategy: how will the items get to the new location?

Start new habits: think about how you live and how you want to live. 

Now that you have sorted and treasured, take some time to release the items you no longer want or need.  Whether you donate them to a charitable organization, give them to friends or family, or sell them is totally up to you.

You are ready to pack your treasured possessions. As you begin, keep in mind your priorities: having your treasures arrive safely and being able to locate them.