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Organizing Your Laundry Room

At Major Mom, we are passionate about restoring order and serenity to your home. We want families to experience the joy of living and working in organized environments. Our solutions are customized, achievable, and sustainable for all rooms in your home. Today we are talking about laundry rooms. In just saying the words “laundry room,” emotions are triggered.

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Freshen Up Your Laundry Space

Oftentimes the laundry room is expected to deliver more than it can provide. The home layout can have the laundry as a mudroom or a main entry into the home from the garage. It ends up being a catch-all or a place to stash items when guests come over. Even if the laundry is in the hallway, bathroom, or the basement, we find ways to stuff more than it can handle in its limited space. Therefore, it ends up having way too many demands on the room.

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