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The Organizing Gene: Did You Inherit It?

It would be so convenient if all mothers and daughters were born with the “organizing gene”. The reality is, only 10% of humans are born with the innate ability to create systems and maintain them. You know if you were born with the “organizing gene” because you tell stories of how you organized your brothers and sisters closets as well as mom’s kitchen drawers… at age 6! If you find yourself itching to organize a friend’s pantry or help them with their office, you know you have the “organizing gene”. However, the “organizing gene” is not the same gene as the “cleaning gene”. For example, I came out of the womb craving order and systems in my life. I love decluttering, creating systems and maintaining order. I do not like cleaning! I do it reluctantly. I have some friends and family members that clean like there is no tomorrow, but they can never find anything because they use a plethora of stash and dash boxes that get shoved in closets, under beds and the basement.

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Orderly Living Report

Here are a few tips to help you simplify so you can focus your time and energy on the things that are important to you. Here's to a happy, healthy, and majorly organized life!

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De-Cluttering Brings Blessings as Large as an Elephant

I have been working with a family who has strong sentimental ties to their things. Surprised? Of course you’re not. This is very common and as a professional organizer, I get to help families work through this all the time. Most likely there are things in your home that you have strong sentimental ties to as well. These items may remind you of a special loved one who has passed away, of a time in your life when you felt successful, of a happy memory from a trip you took. We all keep things that are special to us. The challenge is when you’ve collected more things than you have room for.

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Disorder Is A Breach of Peace!

We all experience situational disorganization due to life transitions such as a relocation, a new baby, an adult child moving back home, marriage or divorce. However, if you are living in a state of chaos for a prolonged period of time, your environment will take a toll on your emotions.

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How to Organize for Couples

It’s important that an individual never acts on the urge to organize or dispose of their spouse’s possessions. The number one rule in couple organization is to respect each others stuff. Begin instead by sitting down and making a few up front decisions about your space. Determine each space that needs to be addressed. Many couples argue over the garage, the entryway or mudroom, or the mail in the paper drop zone. Make a list of each of your problem areas and address each in turn.

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